Let’s Gist! Why Are You Still In Nigeria?

Hello, Naijaloadites,

How was hustle today? May Almighty God Bless Our Hustle.

With the current situation of the country, a lot of Nigerians who has the opportunity to take an escape route still choose to face the struggle and whenever I ask them this question

Why Are You Still Nigeria,? Their response has been so hilarious.

I figured I should ask you guys the same question.

Why are you still in Nigeria? 


I’m here to maximize opportunities. I’m training myself to see opportunities in tough situations, instead of constantly looking for an escape route. I’ve noticed that it’s hard to do both successfully. You can either look for opportunities or look for an escape route. There’s no right or wrong choice, there’s just what you choose.

For Me: 

I’ve not been lucky secured my Visa. Who Nigeria Help Na?

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